5 Ways To Save Water In Your Home & Help The Planet

5 Ways To Save Water In Your Home & Help The Planet

5 Ways To Save Water In Your Home & Help The Planet

We’ve all been there – feeling desperate and guilty after wasting tons of water in our home. And whether is a balloon-full of water party or a really long shower, we must face the fact that water is a necessity, but not a privilege and something to play with.

The truth you definitely want to know is that water has started to disappear. Thanks to global warming, pollution and globalization, the world has less and less water resources. There were a lot of news portals that wrote stories predicting that the World War III will be fought over water – which once again puts our fingers to the heads and lets us think of all the ways we can save water and prevent these things from happening.

Speaking of, the water in the households can be the biggest change if it significantly drops. And for it to drop, we must start saving water.

Wondering how to do that?

We have made a list of ways you can save water in your home and help the planet.

1. Soak The Dishes

Forget washing your dishes – and meet the soaking practice that allows you to soften the dishes and eliminate the water-full scrubbing. IF you have a double sink, you can even fill one of them about halfway and put the soiled dishes in there for an hour or the whole night. Soap and water are a combination that soften any caked-on foods and help you wash them off easily.

Oh, and did we say that you’ll save water – by using less than half of it afterwards?

2. Cut Your Shower For One Song

Your shower playlist can go without the last song – which you can listen during your shaving or creaming routines.

Yes – we all want and enjoy those long showers but if we take them every day, our grandkids won’t have the same luxury. Shortening your playlist for one (or more) songs will not only help you be more environmentally aware – it will also make your (quick) shower a habit that you are proud of.

3. Install A Low-Flow Toilet In Your Bathroom

What’s a low-flow toilet?

Basically, it’s a toilet that uses 50% less water than the one you already have. If you consider the years it will serve  you, that’s a lot of saved water. There are no disadvantages though, in case you considered any. So in a nutshell, your standard 3.5 gallon flush can be as efficient as the new, low-flow 1.6 gallon one.

Plus, you’ll save on your utilities!

4. Turn Off The Tap When You Brush Your Teeth

According to science, we are used to hearing the water when brushing our teeth – but don’t actually need it during the entire washing. And did you know that you can save 6 liters of water per minute if you stop doing this?

Just like full loads cut out any unnecessary washes in your washing machine, efficient teeth washing means saving water and investing in a better future day after day.

5. Go Vegan For One Day A Week

‘Going vegan? What has this to do with saving water?’ – you are asking yourself.

Well, the answer is simple. It takes a lot more water to raise livestock than to grow veggies – so if you think about it and go vegan for one day or one meal a week, you will help in adding up a lot of water resources.

A Final Word

As we said in the beginning, water conservation is not something we can do – it’s something we need to do if you want to save ours and the future of our children. In the same time, we can teach them about the importance of the Earth’s most valuable resources and return the favor to our planet.

So, now is the time to do these things and start saving as much water as possible!

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