Sod Vs. S5 Ways To Save Water In Your Home & Help The Planet

Sod Vs. S5 Ways To Save Water In Your Home & Help The Planet

Sod Vs. Synthetic Turf: The Ultimate Homeowner Dilemma

When it comes to grass, we all want to see our yard green and prepared every time of the year. However, there are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to choosing the ideal type. The most popular options among homeowners when it comes to this are sod and artificial turf. Today, we are comparing both of them and seeing which is a better alternative for your yard.

So, let’s start with the cost to install.

Sod Vs. Turf : Cost Comparison

Constructing a sod based yard is something that needs to be planned in advance. The existing soil conditions, preparation, drainage issues have to be considered when that happens. Aside from that, as a homeowner you should have a rough idea on its usage – or in other words, whether you will use it for sport, gathering or as a place for your kids.

On the other side, constructing synthetic turf is an easier pill to swallow, mainly because it requires no digging. While the initial cost may be the same, the return on investment is definitely the benefit that makes artificial turf the better alternative. In a nutshell, it is an investment that will pay off for itself in the future maintenance costs.

Speaking of maintenance, let’s move to the next category.

Sod Vs. Turf : Durability & Maintenance

When it comes to durability and maintenance, we all know that sod demands certain type of care. Basically, in order to maintain a proper sod field, you should know that it requires a lot of attention as well as things like water, fertilizers, herbicides and possibly pesticide. Plus, sod is a subject to mowing and aerating.

So whether you are an all natural type of homeowner and love the fresh scent of mowed grass, that’s a responsibility you should live with, day by day and weekend after weekend. Speaking of responsibilities, the durability and maintenance of synthetic turf are estimated to 10 years without any special maintaining aside from grooming and painting it – or repairing the damaged areas by the contractor itself.

Sod Vs. Turf : Environmental Issues

Sod is known to reduce the water turnoff and therefore increase the groundwater retention. This may lead to water runoff, however – the good side is that sod absorbs radiation and reduces the temperature extremes.

The bottom line when it comes to environmental issues is that natural sod will make your ground cooler and absorb the pollutants from the air – but in the same time increase the microbial activity on the ground.

Sod Vs. Turf : Safety & Health

When it comes to yours and the safety of your loved ones, sod is known to be the better ‘playing surface’ for your kids, coming from the fact that it is all natural and lessens the chance of injury. However, you should also know that sod attracts a lot of microbes and insects which may harm your children.

The only disadvantages that synthetic turf has when it comes to this factor is that it is either too hard or too soft when seen as the ‘playing surface’ and the extreme temperature it can bring. Other than that, it is definitely the more resistant and bacteria-free surface.

So, What Type IS The WINNER?

With 3 to 1, the winner is obvious here.

If you want a yard that will save you money from the start, eliminate any headaches and give you more time for yourself – synthetic turf is the best choice that exists out there. Without any fertilizers, insecticides or pesticides that may sum up to a price that once again gives you headache, it is a choice that gives you 10 years of wear and tear with occasional upgrades.

So, what are you waiting for?

Choose the best turf for your yard and save a lot of money in the long run!

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